Intelligent manufacturing
Intelligent manufacturing service

Promote the integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing technology, and strive to build a fully digital smart factory

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Intelligent manufacturing
Accelerate the promotion of intelligent manufacturing from the three levels of work Island, automation and intelligence.
Ultimate goal

Intelligent manufacturing service

5g application

Tianrun cooperates with China Mobile, China Unicom and other communication companies to build an industrial Internet platform of "5g + Intelligent Manufacturing". It can realize the transparent delivery of terminal-to-point communication, cross plant business collaboration, supply chain interconnection, production data monitoring and decision-making, and whole process order tracing, covering R & D, process, manufacturing, testing, quality control, logistics and other production processes as well as lean production control system, which is generally at the international advanced level.

Intelligent manufacturing

Combined with the overall planning of it + ot + AI + core business model, Tianrun adopts the strategy of "unified planning, unified deployment and step-by-step implementation" to gradually realize the construction of smart factory covering eight fields, including smart control, smart production, smart quality, smart logistics, smart R & D, smart equipment, smart simulation and smart data platform.

promotion of information technology

In recent years, Tianrun has continuously increased its investment and implementation in informatization, and made full use of mobile Internet technology, industrial Internet of things technology and RFID technology to create a Tianrun integrated management system, providing a safe and reliable network environment for the company's automation and intelligent construction and leading technical guarantee in the industry.

Automated flexible production

Through the application of domestic leading manufacturing execution system, Tianrun realizes intelligent production operation and fine production management and control through dynamic allocation of resources, precise control of technological process, intelligent processing and assembly, man-machine collaborative operation and lean production management. Build Tianrun characteristic "black light factory".
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